Barcelona on June 10-13, 2012ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

the 20th European Conference on Information Systems


Track Chairs

Ton AM Spil University of Twente The Netherlands

Wendy Currie University of Warwick United Kingdom

Richard Klein Clemson University United States of America

One of the most important issues concerning global welfare is the current state of healthcare worldwide. E-health has enormous potential to improve service delivery in healthcare not only in Western societies but also across the digital divide. However, to fully exploit the power of E-health many challenges and problems must be overcome. The integration of many platforms within a healthcare network is a prerequisite for the successful development and deployment of E-health. The adoption and diffusion of E-health consistently lags behind other industries. Subsequently, specific IS knowledge is needed to raise the level of the adoption rate in addition to transform healthcare and healthcare policies across the globe. The privacy issues specific to E-health, while well known, are still not solved; moreover, legislation is hampering E-health progress. Further, patients lacking evidence-based information can become empowered through E-health when moving through the healthcare chain.

E- health can support two ambitious goals, namely, (1) building efficiency in developed countries and (2) building knowledge in undeveloped. Accordingly, this track seeks to promote and encourage the use of proven industry technologies in healthcare settings. Here, the learning cycle can be reduced and the bridge across the digital divide mended. The track welcomes work focusing on adoption and diffusion as well as new technology innovations.

New technology often drives improvements in E-health. There is a significant need for superior business modelling techniques to evaluate technology in the early stages of the development. Many new "successful" applications end up on the shelf lacking the opportunity to scale up to a national, or international, level or lacking investment support from outside organizations. This track will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners to submit original studies on the following subjects and on other appropriately connected topics:

The track is supported by the Special Interest Group Healthcare of the AIS.

Associate Editors

Matthew Guah, Claflin University, USA

Ann Fruhling, Omaha University, USA

Bengisu Tulu, Worcester Polytechnique Institute, USA

Mark Gaynor, Saint Louis University, USA<

Nilmini Wickramasinghe , RMIT University, Australia

Monica Tremblay , Florida International University, USA