Barcelona on June 10-13, 2012ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

the 20th European Conference on Information Systems

IT/IS Management and Development Methodologies


Despite the existence of mature IT/IS management and development methodologies, organizations often struggle to realize the expected benefits from their implementation. Researchers and practitioners alike face challenges in understanding and explaining the design, adoption, and success of methodologies from areas such as (and not limited to) project management, software engineering, architecture management, and service management. The objective of this track is to foster research on methodologies by providing deeper insights into factors that affect their successful design, dissemination, and application.

Researchers and practitioners interested in submitting papers for this track are encouraged to explore IT/IS management, development methodologies, and related methods and tools – for example, from a design or behavioral perspective. Papers may consider different units of analysis: individual, group, or organizational level.

Possible paper topics:

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