Barcelona on June 10-13, 2012ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

the 20th European Conference on Information Systems

Public Sector ICT – Citizen Empowerment and Agency Transparency

Currently public sector institutions, governments and agencies put high expectations in ICT as a solution to many of their challenges. It is expected that public sector ICT increases agency efficiency, citizens' perceived service quality and their willingness to participate in democratic processes. Thus, public sector ICT both comprises ICT to support agency employees and their internal processes, and provides public e-services directed towards citizens and businesses. As a corollary, the IS research community needs to develop further knowledge and inform practice, in order for public sector ICT development to meet the high expectations and reach success.

Both agency efficiency through ICT and citizen-oriented aspects of participation and involvement are considered to be important research issues within this track. A challenge in public sector practices is to balance the needs and expectations arising both from the public agencies and from the citizens and businesses. More knowledge is needed on issues such as how public administrations should conduct and prioritize ICT efforts, how ICT projects should be performed, and how citizens can be involved in the development and implementation of public e-services. New research issues also emerge from the major changes that public administrations go through as a result of increased ICT use in the agencies and in the interaction with the citizens. This sets greater demands on collaboration and interaction between different public agencies. Integrated and joined-up ICT solutions require legal, personal, organizational, semantic, and technical interoperability. Although public e-services are developed in coherence with the citizens' needs, also back-office challenges, such as changes in the work practices or work contents, the agency employees' competences and skills, and in the resources need to be addressed. In order to reach sustainability in public sector ICT efforts, both citizen empowerment and agency transparency are two significant and tightly coupled goals to strive for. In this track we call for papers that increase our knowledge and understanding of these phenomena.

Topics in this track include but are not limited to:

We welcome all types of contributions; full research papers, research in progress, and teaching cases.

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