Barcelona on June 10-13, 2012ESADE, Barcelona, Spain

the 20th European Conference on Information Systems

Serious Games and Simulations

Track chairs

Margarida Romero Associate Director of E-learning Esade Business School Spain

Esteve Almirall Associate Professor Esade Business School Spain

Michela Ott Professor CNR-ITD Institute for Educational Technology Italy

Marco Luccini Research Associate INSEAD France

Track description

Serious Games (SG) and simulations are computer-based activities engaging the learner in challenges reproducing real life situations. They are designed with a certain level of realism aiming to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and competences between SG and simulations. Both SG and simulations aim to generate an optimal learning experience for players. Whereas simulation is providing a certain level of realism, SG is considering a certain level of game-play for the learners.

The use of SG and simulations has been considered as a pedagogical methodology with a special interest for the development of the learning objectives and the competencies in formal (primary, secondary and Higher Education), adult learning (Corporate Universities, professional training, …) and informal education (self directed learning with flying simulations,…). SG and simulations have been deployed both in face-to-face and computer-based modalities, with an increasing use of web based technologies, and more recently, web 2.0 solutions.

SG and simulations require an adequate computer-based environment, but they should be analyzed not only as information systems, but also under the perspective of the learning outcomes achieved by the users playing them. For this reason, the SG and simulations track welcomes researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including Computer Sciences, Human Computer Interaction, Pedagogy and Psychology.

Topics in this panel include the following:

This is not an exhaustive list and other substitution-related topics are welcome.

All types of contribution are invited: full research papers, research-in-progress papers as well as teaching cases.

The Serious Games and Simulations track is presented within the framework of the FP7 Network of Excellence (NoE) Game and Learning Alliance (GaLA) and the FP7 NoE Stellar GEL Theme.